Who we are - Mission and Goals

Our Mission

Development of philanthropy and civil society.

Our Vision

Through our efforts and activities we want to make giving become part of both people’s and companies’ lives.

Our Goal

Make an active contribution in developing and cultivating charitable giving in Slovakia.

Center for Philanthropy (CpF) was founded in August 2002 as a nonprofit organization providing generally beneficial services in accordance with Act No. 213/1997. The organization was registered by the Regional Office in Bratislava in the registry of nonprofit organizations under No. OVVS-530/49/2002-NO.

The founders of the organization are Boris Strečanský, Zuzana Thullnerová and Marcel Dávid Zajac.

Excerpt from the statutes of the organization:
„The aim of this nonprofit organization is to, via its own activities, services, and programs, strengthen nongovernmental nonprofit organizations and their position within society, spread values and models of giving, charity and volunteering which are an expression of mutual solidarity and understanding among people as well as between public and private sectors, support ideas of participative democracy and help increase involvement of citizens in decision making processes regarding questions of public interest. Via its activities and programs the nonprofit organization wants to fulfill the ideals of civic society, human and citizen rights, sustainable development and respect principles of pluralism, freedom, and democracy.“

Standards we observe:

  • Transparency of grant providing. Goals, conditions, and criteria for project selection are published in advance. Anybody fulfilling the conditions of eligibility may apply for the competition for financial support. Information on project evaluation is provided both to applicants and the public. We publish the names of project evaluators.
  • Accessibility. Support is available to people from various social groups and various regions of Slovakia. We consult draft projects in person, via email or telephone thus helping the applicants increase their chances in grant competition.
  • Openness. We draft and run grant programs as open. They are open to a wide variety of eligible applicants.

Values we believe in:

  • Solidarity. Solidarity among generations and groups as well as global solidarity is important to us. It is an expression of pro-social behavior and interest in others. The term was and still is devaluated by political often false rhetoric (communist rhetoric in the past), however, its non-deformed content is still valid. 
  • Social change. Our programs often include changes aimed at individuals and groups, nevertheless, changes on the social level are probably the most ambitious. We therefore appreciate the courage of those who strive to achieve these changes in the spirit of humanism, tolerance, culture and non-violence. 
  • Active citizens. We perceive the value of active citizenship and initiative as very important for the health of our society. 
  • Supporting leaders. Even though the never ending dispute between collective and individual does not have a clear solution we consider the role of personal example and courage to be a leader as very important in civil context. This value raises the question of the characteristics of real leadership versus celebrity leadership as presented in media today. 
  • Listening to the weaker and disadvantaged. We want our programs to be sensitive also to voices of the weaker and disadvantaged who have not had so much luck as the healthy and rich.

Our Projects

People to PeoplePeople to People
Online giving portal focused on supporting and promoting philanthropy in the interest of the Internet community.
Coalition for Individual GivingCoalition for Individual Giving
Coalition of NGOs that have decided to work together to change the giving environment in Slovakia.
CpF AwardCpF Award
CpF Award of the Best Diploma Thesis concerning the issue of Philanthropy.
Nonprofit crowdfunding platform