Grant Programs

Since 2002, we have supported together with our partners activities and individuals in open grant programs, for a total of € 51,177,216.


By means of GRANT PROGRAMS of our partners we focus on development of the following areas:

Development and support of Education

  1. Change of teaching methods at elementary schools – program supports active elementary school teachers showing initiative and willing to change their approach to pupils in the teaching process, teachers who want to apply interesting, creative, and innovative teaching methods.
  2. Development of skills of secondary school students – program supports secondary school students in creating their own projects focusing on various topics by means of which they develop their soft skills. The program focuses on topics related to environment protection, volunteering, support of school media or implementation of student ideas in the teaching process. 
  3. Supporting the education of university students – program helps students overcome the limits imposed by their school and education system and participate independently in shaping of their education and specializing in their field. We offer a chance to get a grant for realization of their own research or other practical projects enabling them to deepen their knowledge and increase their readiness for practice. 
  4. Scholarship program for university students – program supports internships and study stays of university students abroad. Within the program we have launched the activities of the Hlavička club the members of which participated in weekend outdoor training or project management course and they also had a chance to get a grant for their university. 
  5. Supporting faculties focusing on economy and management – program helps increase the quality of teaching of a concrete subject, topic or field of education. 
  6. Supporting postgraduate students of economy – program offers scholarship for internal doctorands of Slovak faculties focusing on economy and management.

Development and protection of Cultural Values and Free time Activities

  1. Supporting free time activities based on the “young to the young” principle – supporting cultural events, sporting events, informal education of young people and volunteering activities for the benefit of the community.
  2. Supporting national cultural heritage – renovation of national cultural monuments all over Slovakia. 
  3. Supporting building of multi-purpose playgrounds – building of playgrounds complying with EU standards all over Slovakia.

Supporting Disadvantaged groups

  1. Scholarships for disadvantaged secondary school and university students with physical disability – program supports students with physical disability to enable them to study at a secondary school or university of their choice. Scholarship helps them remove barriers they encounter every day.
  2. Free time activity program for the disabled – program creates various possibilities for the disabled for spending their free time. 
  3. Program aimed at increasing the quality of life of the socially disadvantaged – program supports model, innovative and progressive approaches aiming at increasing the quality of life of the disabled, victims of domestic violence or other groups of the socially disadvantaged. 
  4. Bringing majority and minorities together and bringing individual minorities together – program supports self helping activities. 
  5. Improving the position of women in society – program supports organizations and individuals focusing on solving the problems of women and changing their position within society.

Development and support to regions

  1. Development of regions – program supports active citizens coming up with projects aiming at increasing the quality of life of people living in the regions of Slovakia.
  2. Grant program Tu sa nám páči tu chceme žiť (We like it here, we want to live here) – the basis of the program is the idea that people who care and who want to change the world they live in have a chance to get involved and get financial support for changing their neighborhood. The program counts on the involvement of people who live or work in the given neighborhood, on their willingness to help to change public areas, on their voluntary work, material support, ideas, suggestions.... We believe that people can change things if they really want to change them. 
  3. Activities for the community, community philanthropy – program supports people who are active in their communities and who participate in the development of community giving.

Charity and philanthropy related activities

  1. We help people who find themselves in difficult situations via individuals whose eyes and hearts are open to those in need and who are willing to help where necessary. We help lonely elderly people, ill and disabled individuals, children in hospitals, children in children’s homes, families with financial problems, people who lost their dear ones or the homeless.
  2. Employee grant programs – these programs are aimed for employees of our corporate partners. They focus on supporting employees active in their communities who besides their work devote their lives also to volunteering and activities for the benefit of the community. 
  3. Supporting public money collections – support is based on the matching principle, i.e. we help finance a project by contributing the same amount of money as collected via public collection. 
  4. Helping people in need – program for the financially and socially disadvantaged. 
  5. Helping people struggling with the consequences of natural disasters.

Environment protection

  1. Supporting education in environment management for local self-governments and environment protection activists

Our Projects

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