What we do

  • connect those who want to give their financial resources with those who need help

  • develop and enlarge both intellectual and physical space for people working actively for public benefit

We advise donors – companies or individuals who want to give their financial means, time, energy or abilities to help people in need, the best way of giving. We provide them information on the field they want to support and suggest the most effective way of help. If an interesting project is on your mind we offer you the possibility to join the grant programs we run in co-operation with our partners.

Besides financial support to non-governmental organizations and activists or municipalities we also offer to the above mentioned as well as to public and business sectors, professionals, students and politicians interesting information, views and topics for thinking about questions of civil involvement and philanthropy.

Development of Corporate  Giving 

Grant programs

Services for corporate donors

Development of Individual  Giving 

Portal DARUJME.sk opens the gateway to online fundraising for non-profit organizations. Through DARUJME.com, nonprofit organizations can create their own donation sites to become an integral part of their site. 

Online giving portal www.ludialudom.sk, focused on supporting and promoting philanthropy in the interest of the Internet community.

The only crowd-funding platform in Slovakia – StartLab - for generating creative, innovative public-benefit ideas enhancing life around us and at the same time allowing and encouraging them to create resources from the public-at-large. 


Easy Giving is a new project to support and extend regular individual giving. Part of the project is establishment of the NGOs Coalition for individual giving.


Educational and Research Activities

We actively increase public awareness regarding the culture of giving and active citizenship in Slovakia and abroad.

Our projects









Our Projects

People to PeoplePeople to People
Online giving portal focused on supporting and promoting philanthropy in the interest of the Internet community.
Coalition for Individual GivingCoalition for Individual Giving
Coalition of NGOs that have decided to work together to change the giving environment in Slovakia.
CpF AwardCpF Award
CpF Award of the Best Diploma Thesis concerning the issue of Philanthropy.
Nonprofit crowdfunding platform