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The International Fellowship Programme for Learning and Exchange in Philanthropy (IFP) invites applications and searches for host institutions for its fourth round, beginning in spring 2009.

This programme offers European foundation and NGO staff (young leaders as well as executives) the opportunity to work for up to 6 weeks in non-profit host institutions abroad.
For every programme cycle, approximately 10 to 15 fellows are accepted.

The IFP pursues three main objectives:
* To give foundation and NGO staff the opportunity to develop their professional skills with an international and practical orientation
* To support foundations and NGOs by improving the management competences of their staff
* To trigger or deepen contacts and cooperation between non-profit institutions across Europe

Candidates for fellowships should:
* Be university graduates with at least three years of professional experience
* Have been working at their home institutions for some time and have a future job prospect there
* Be young leaders or senior managers - both are welcome to apply
* Work for a home institution and aspire to go to a host institution located in a European country.
* Speak the working language(s) used in their host institution. There can be exceptions to this rule, if a candidate and the mentor of the host institution have a common language. In addition, some knowledge of English is necessary.

This programme establishes a common platform for learning and exchange, a "level playing ground", involving participants from small as well as large institutions. However, size and financial capacity of sending and host institutions can be extremely diverse, and this is taken into account. Two categories of fellowships (fully funded and partly funded) have been defined. Please consult the IFP website for details on which expenses can be covered.

The deadline for applications is Friday, 14 November 2008. Fellowships will usually take place between March and September 2009, with a minimum duration of three and a maximum of six (in exceptional cases eight) weeks. Detailed information and the application form are available at

Would you like to host a fellow at your institution?
Host institutions are asked to draw up a profile of the fellowship they wish to offer and to nominate a mentor as a contact person for the fellow. The EFC places particular emphasis on careful matching of fellows with host institutions and a diligent preparation of the fellowships, which is achieved by means of a short preparatory visit. The host can influence the selection of the fellow and also suggest candidates or sending institutions of their own choice.

Most host institutions are currently located in the UK, but fellows have also worked in countries like Germany, Italy or Sweden and in Brussels-based organisations. Further European foundations and other non-profit institutions are invited to submit a proposal for a fellowship position. Submitting a proposal before 30 October increases the chance for a good match with a candidate, but host proposals are also welcome after that date, as the selection process will certainly not finish before the end of November.

If you would like to offer a fellowship position at your institution, check out the IFP website for details  and the proposal form:

About the International Fellowship Programme

The IFP was launched in 2005 by a group of European and international donors. It is currently funded by the following six foundations: Bertelsmann Stiftung, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, King Baudouin Foundation, Robert Bosch Stiftung and Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe. From 2005 until 2008, a total of 51 fellows were supported, working in fields such as the environment, youth, community development and business-NGO relations. Details about the fellows and their achievements can be viewed on the website.

Organisations and individuals interested in the development of civil society and philanthropy in their countries or internationally are very welcome to forward this announcement or to publish it on their websites.

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Novinky a aktuality

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