The goal of the Center for Philanthropy is to develop philanthropy and civil society.

By its activities CpF encourage philanthropic behavior of individuals and companies and strengthen civil society.

The aim of this nonprofit organization is to, via its own activities, services, and programs:

  • strengthen nongovernmental nonprofit organizations and their position within society
  • spread values and models of giving, charity and volunteering which are an expression of mutual solidarity and understanding among people as well as between public and private sectors
  • support ideas of participative democracy and help increase involvement of citizens in decision making processes regarding questions of public interest.

We want to fulfill the ideals of civic society, human and citizen rights, sustainable development and respect principles of pluralism, freedom, and democracy.


Our Projects

People to People
Online giving portal focused on supporting and promoting philanthropy in the interest of the Internet community.
Coalition for Individual Giving
Coalition of NGOs that have decided to work together to change the giving environment in Slovakia.
CpF Award
CpF Award of the Best Diploma Thesis concerning the issue of Philanthropy.
Nonprofit crowdfunding platform